Located in Rapid City, South Dakota, our certified appraisers are experienced in evaluating a wide variety of properties throughout South Dakota. Our clients include financial institutions, corporations, law firms, governmental agencies, relocation companies, real estate professionals, ag-related industries and private individuals.

We Specialize in the Following Types of Appraisals

We appraise several categories of agricultural property.


  • Crop Land
  • Pasture
  • Mixed Use
  • Timber
  • Recreational
Our appraisers are experienced in appraising commercial properties.


  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Motels
  • Campgrounds
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Office Buildings
  • Grain Handling Facilities
  • Hunting Lodges
Our appraisers can determine property values for easement compensation.

Right-of-Way and Condemnation

  • Pipeline Easements
  • Highway Easements
  • Power Line Easements
  • Water Easements
  • State and Federal Takings of Property
We offer appraisals on residential properties.


  • Rural Properties
  • Properties Within Municipalities

Meet Our Team

At Titles of Dakota, we employ highly experienced appraisers who deliver quality customer service and impeccable attention to detail. Each has years of experience, as well as close personal ties to agriculture and rural South Dakota. With this depth, we provide prompt and accurate service delivered with the highest level of customer care and professional standards. We’re proud of our team and we hope you enjoy working with them as much as we enjoy working together!


Wade Buck
VP Chief Appraiser
Office: 605-399-4127
Cell: 605-519-3651

A State Certified General Appraiser with over 20 years of experience, Wade began his career as the Hamlin County Director of Equalization and went on to spend 18 years working for Farm Credit Services in central and western South Dakota. Wade’s background is firmly rooted in South Dakota agriculture. He grew up on a farm and cow/calf operation in northeastern South Dakota. Prior to beginning his appraisal career, he worked in retail sales of feed, grain and livestock equipment, in addition to operating his own farming and registered cattle operation.


Calvin Gerry Conroy
State Registered Appraiser
Office: 605-399-4128

An experienced real estate professional, Calvin has worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Department of the Interior in western South Dakota. As an Appraiser Program Specialist with the Department of the Interior, he received extensive training and experience regarding complex properties, real estate markets and the valuation process. Calvin was born and raised on a cattle ranch near Batesland, South Dakota, and is a graduate of Oglala Lakota College. He continues to be a participating owner and operator in the family ranching operation.


  1. Once we determine that we can appraise your property, we will establish your fee and have you sign an engagement letter for our services. This will ensure you understand exactly what we do for you and prevent unnecessary surprises.
  2. The first step in appraising a property is to understand it from every angle including items such as:
    • Exact legal description
    • Soils, maps
    • Taxes, assessments and buildings
    • Leases and permits are obtained
  3. The appraiser will then complete a thorough inspection. It’s important to note that not every acre must be viewed, but the appraiser must understand each property feature, which also includes improvement inspections on those properties involving improvements. Items outside the physical property must also be researched and any factor that impacts the property value needs to be researched and understood.
  4. Once the inspection is completed, our customers will receive a USPAP Compliant appraisal. Along with any instructions that are explained in the engagement letter.

Our customers include a wide array of individuals and entities involved in real property purchases and/or exchanges. They include, but are not limited to: financial institutions, trust service providers, accountant, attorneys, governmental agencies and private individuals.

There are three recognized approaches available to an appraiser to estimate the value of a property. They include: cost, sales comparison and income. The foundation of all three approaches is the proper analysis of the selected comparable sales. Here is how they work:

  1. Cost – This approach is primarily used when new or newer improvements are added to the value of the land. In cost approach valuation, the market price for the property is equivalent to the cost of the land plus cost of construction, less depreciation. This generally equals replacement cost.
  2. Sales Comparison – This approach compares a property’s characteristics with those of comparable properties which have recently sold in similar transactions. Titles of Dakota keeps a growing database of sales to ensure the appraisal is fair and accurate.
  3. Income – This approach is typically used for income producing properties. It utilizes a mathematical formula which computes the net operating income and divides it by the capitalization rate.

Titles of Dakota will conduct appraisals throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, and Nebraska.

There is no standard answer to this question, as all appraisals are different. We do pride ourselves on a quick turn-around, however, and most appraisals are completed within a 30-day window.

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